Protect your 12v investment with our innovative enclosures 

We know it's a great feeling to look at the awesome 12v setup recently installed in your canopy or trailer and the "bragging rights" that come with it. They are a real work of art with the dc/dc charger, solar regulator, inverter and everything else perfectly mounted and sitting proudly for the world to see! 

Now don't get us wrong, we love a well done installation and appreciate the effort and skill that goes into making a fitout neat and tidy.There are certainly  some very talented people and businesses doing great installations that work very, very well.......

But there is fundamental flaw we see with nearly every setup we come across:


These setups are just waiting for damage or theft to occur.


When we think about where these fitouts are installed - canopies, trailers, vans etc) and the "stuff" that gets piled on around these components it is simply a mater of when, not if, these very expensive components will get damaged. At best its a switch being accidentally turned on (or off) and draining your batteries. At worst its the shorting out of components or other irreparable  (and possibly catastrophic) damage. You don't need to be Einstein to work out what would happen if a tent pole or other pointy object strikes a dc/dc charger at any reasonable velocity. Even the rubbing and jostling of objects as your 4 wheeling or driving long stretches of corrugated roads will eventually cause severe damage to these components.


To address this issue, 12v Fitouts Australia have designed enclosures that can protect all key components, whilst still providing easy access to aspects of the system you need to reach regularly, such as switches, plugs and monitors. In fact, the design of the enclosures makes these items even more accessible than if they were simply mounted on a board. Having the expensive parts tucked away out of sight also means they are less of a temptation  for thieves (or your mate who just want to play a harmless joke by pulling fuses  - every group has one, right Adrian?).

We will be posting further details of these enclosures here shortly.

If you have any questions about these enclosures or would like to know if they will work in your vehicle, canopy or trailer simply contact us and we'd be happy to discuss it with you.

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